Saturday, 22 June 2013

Over-Jealousy, Just Make You Look So Messy!

Jealous is the word which connect with the bad character. But that character is a human nature one. Everyone sometimes get jealous with another cause they have something that we don't have. For example a girl whose dress is very beautiful,, a man whose body is so hottie, and many things around us.

Jealousy is a signal in order we should increase our ability. For this side, I think jealousy is a good point. It will damage us, if we can't control our jealousy and we are chased by the ambition. Or we talk a bad thing to the other about gossip just because we got jealous.

In my opinion, over-jealousy has a bad impact for our relationship or circles,

  • When we get jealous, our vision will be closed from many perspectives. Maybe our boy/girl friend or our BFF has something new that isn't connected with us, for example new friend, pen-pal, or activity.    We can ask them and maybe join to the new thing. Trust is the best key to hold tight our relationship. don't let over-jealousy crush the good relationship and we are called Jealouser,,oh it's a big no no..
  • Get your passion. Anyway, if you have a hobby or you want to try something new and atrractive, it can  eliminate the over-jealousy impact. I suggest, please don't be a spoild one, sometimes if we are comfortable with our relationship, we want our close one always go everywhere together, It looks so funny.... The words "I'm happy, provided you are close to me," means we aren't independent.
  • Be confidence. If we are a delighful and pleased person, i'm sure if many people like to make a friend or want to know about you..ssst, maybe next you will become the cause of another jealousy,, :p

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