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Laugh, is a Good Mercy For My Life

Many people say if we want to be a good and succes person, we should fight and have a tight schedule in order we can do our vision steps well. I admit if the consideration is true but I imagine if I should work or doing something that full with a pressure, my head probably can blow-up,,explode such as volcano..

According to me, doing a good thing for reaching our goals, not only just hard work and having stress. Having relaxation, going somewhere new, chatting with our friends are needed to charge our energy. 24 hours are limited. Maybe I can reach my dream but the other side I lost my soul, my precious time, love and soul.

When I fail to get my scholarship test, my friends, boyfriend and my bestfriends encourage me. When I face the big problem for instance facing a broken heart, my friends enlighted me up with their laugh. Yea, laugh is the best medicine to heal the pain.

I like to laugh about my silly thing. I am an odd person and have some complicated mind (according to my bestfriends, LOL), sometimes I can pretend to be sad or look so desperate just for teasing my friends. When they know it, I just say (April Mop) even the recent month is June :D. Then they laugh loudly. I like to hear their laugh.

My family is the uniq example. My Mom is a discipline also smart woman, and has a little bit of anger character, but she can make a cheerful situation. My Dad is a silence man but the other hand he like Dangdut music and often dancing well when he listen to the music (of course he alway dances in my house :D). We are the simple family. We aren't rich but my parent always say " Maybe sometimes suffer comes, but we have God who help and accompany us in every moments. Just keep believing and we will achieving. Enjoy our problem and don't forget to spread a laugh"...Chase your dream, wake up after the failness, wake up and turn on your laugh... So Live Love Laugh.. ^_^

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kisenosky mengatakan…
Is it your first attempt to write in English? There are still many errors but the more you practice writing, the better your English will get. Nice try and good luck. :)
Reffi Dhinar mengatakan…
yes, it's my first time,,thank you for reading,,i will practice more n more :)