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Proud To Be A Writer

When I am busy with my task, one of my friend asked,"What are you doing?", I answered,"I'm finishing my job, now I'm writing my article," FYI, beside I study at a university, now I use my spare time becoming a freelance article writer. Then she said,"So What for  did you study at the university if now your job is writing? Becoming a writer doesn't need studying hard until you have bachelor degree." I just said,"What's problem? I can get enough money from writing and I can use my ability to translate or interprete in Japanese because that is  my major of study. I can get more enough money," She got silence.

From her statement I can get a conclusion. Some people think, as a writer doesn't need the good education. Oh, How Pity they are!! Many good writers and authors come from the educated society. As we know, the author of "laskar pelangi' novel who had graduated from Sorbonne University's master degree. Alanda Khariza, the author of "Dream Catcher" got a scholarship from Binus University and she is the founder of "The Cure For Tomorrow" program, she is so smart and talented, and she is a WRITER. There are many other examples which I know.
my opinion

High and good education can explore our strength and enlarge our views. The economic experts can write a book about how to trade safely, how to skimp the budget in the middle of economic crisis, etc. Writing about the topic needs the deeper knowledge. How to get the knowledge, sure from school, university and other educational place.

Clara Ng, the famous novel writer said," Even I'm lazy going to to school, according to me school is very important. Please, don't look from the major, but give attention to the experiences. When we meet the teacher, schoolmates, lecturers, and the others. The most important is I learn to have a strong commitment at school"

With the school tasks, I learn to make a friend with the deadline. As a writer, deadline also becomes the closest friend, especially if we want to write a book and cooperate with the editor. Because I like writing, make a thesis isn't too difficult. Writing thesis is difficult, but if we often writing something and practice, arrange the words in our thesis is easier than we dislike writing. So, education and writing is connected with our mind and attitude. I'm proud to be a writer, no matter what they say. Okey ^_^

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