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Love Life Lessons

We are normally human, when we fall in love and fall the heartbeat. Look from the phrase 'Fall in Love'. Fall means something scrolling down without even thinking and can't be controlled. When we are falling, sometimes we can get hurt, falling in love also has that same point too.

The difference is as human being, we can conclude many lessons when we are falling in love. Love is not blind, but our logical side could be paralyzed. God made Love with the other important feelings, such as jealousy, longing, infatuation, suspicious, etc.

We should take care our Love for our family, friends, or boy/girlfriend as good as possible. Too much caring sometimes make our lovely person feel annoyed, but if we ignore them, they might be felt undesireable. Love is like a sand. We can bring it on our hands but don't hold it tightly, Love will be lost quickly.

Love is one of the important part for our life. When we get broken-heart. we learn to be patient and giving apologize. God give us many problem to test our capability. Reaching happiness isn't difficult if our heart is fulfilled with Love. Love has no boundaries. We spread it to our environment without hoping back.

Every mistakes is natural, cause we aren't totally perfect. Love become the machine of our body and mind. Let it dissolves freely. God always loves us, in every moment and every time. Loving love is a big miracle. Just keep loving but still doing it in a good way. Don't be a backstabber or broke other relationship. Loving yourself and look from another person position. We should respect another person feeling so we gain respect too. Keep your honour even you are crazy own in Love. ^_^

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