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What Are You Believing For?

When we are younger, maybe in the elementary school’s age, we had many dreams and easy to believe something. Even the things were impossible or maybe it looked like a joke, we believe and ignore other’s comment. There was no one who blame our dreams, ther was no one who mock our trust, we were free to say anything and doing everything.
Last time, I wanted to be an astronout, dentist or archeolog. But the dreams always changed immediately. I wanted to be a dentist because my teeth wasn’t good enough. I wanted to be an astronout because I liked staring the sky, moon and stars. Sometimes I played a role and pretended becoming astronout, dentist, etc.
Unfortunately, when we grow older, slow but sure we limit our dreams and without even thinking we care another opinion and push our heart’s needed or passion. We like to play music or we want to be a writer but our parents disagree. We are forced to choose a things that we actually dislike.

Just believing. Our dreams can come true. There is no bad dreams if it can make our life happier and so lively. Sometimes we should compromise to the condition or our beloved person, but don’t let our dreams die. Now, I work as a japanese translator in a big private company. I like foreign language but I don’t want becoming an employer for a long time, one day I want to become  a great writer and having my own business that is related with language or writing. I always use my spare time to study and practicing my hobby. What are you believing for? Please, don’t regret your precious time when you are getting old. Be mature, but don’t erase your childhood’s dreams. 

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