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Everyday Is Holiday

Do you hate Monday? I love so. Monday is the first day to start our activity. The students start to study, the employees start working, etc. We often hear this quote,”I hate Monday. I hate the traffic light jam. I hate getting bored on the boring time. Need a long days to Friday then goes to weekend. But, if we start the first day with grumbling only, I’m sure, we can’t perform well. We work or study just for fulfilling the daily routine.

I think if we can enjoy everyday as the holiday. How I can do it? Before, I have a same opinion with others, Monday isn’t good. The effect, I don’t study diligently or getting sleepy . After graduating from university, I work as a japanese interpreter in the steel manufacture. Working eight hours, sometimes I should work overtime. When Monday comes, I used to be tiresome. But, I face the reality!

The labours who work at my work’s place always smile and saying joke each other, when the breaktime. The dangerous place and hot temperature don’t make them complain. They say, enjoying our profession eventhough it isn’t good enough, can throw away the boringness and tiredness. We should thank to God whom had the given us the grace. We can earn money in the good way and we live completely with our family. Laugh and jokes are the best medicine to heal the sick times.

Everyday is holiday. I have many dreams that I want to reach. Working, writing, reading, and gathering together with my closest people, give me many impressions. Just changing my point of view. If I choose to be happy, so I can be happy. Sometimes maybe I’ll be tired but it never ever force me to surrender. I handle myself. God gives me his bless

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