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God's Test

Yesterday, I chatted with my bestie after we had enjoyed beauty treatment in a beauty house. We were talking about love, past and misery. Apperently, I and her have a look alike character, hothead, fun, and easy going girl. We shared our opinion about our love's scar.

"In the past, I loved my ex-boyfriend so much. Eventhough, He always makes me depressed with his brutal angriness, I chose to stay for three years," she said.

I agreed with her statement. Last time before my recent boyfriend now, I loved someone who didn't appreciated me yet. The same thing was I and my bestie decided stopping the blue anymore. We moved on and found somebody new. We never expected if we can be stress just because love. Before, we often satirized a person who got mad in loving someone. Then, God knows that we need to learn. Love is not a funny thing to mock with.

Therefore, we learn from that bad past. Especially according to men, love and bad experience scuttled me down into  a misery. I think that there is no true love in this world. True love is nonsense. Fortunately, I realized, keeping that misery and hold the pain steadily only broaden that pain's hole. God gave both the test and the lesson from me. I healed the sadness with writing. I write many poems and short stories to express my feeling. My bestie healed her pain with associating. We had our way to recovery and moved up.

Don't be afraid to fall in love. Broken heart or got dumped maybe enact our heart, we feel so lonely etc, but the medicine just falling in love once again. Spread our love. Build laugh and love in the middle of our friendship, family and our love partner. 

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