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Love is Not Past Tense

Love is not a past tense. It grows slowly to the next step.
If you say,"I loved you, I had loved you for many times," it means that feeling maybe is fading now. Love at the first sight is just a myth for me. The sex appeal, charm and compatibility in the first introduction gives a heart flutter, but love is more than that feels.

Maybe after you know, if he/she has attitude, a weakness that you dislike such as smoking, talkative, shy, etc, that heartbeat will be extinct. Love needs compromize. Love needs understanding. When you and him/her hold tighter, even the hardest problem come. When you wipe her/his eyes, if the tears falling down. yes, it could be love.

Love is present tense also future tense. I love you, and I will love you forever. Maybe, one day I will lose my body, but my love's spirit always protect you.
That feromon's effect just survive until several months before you meet a conflict then you and your lover are involved in a bad fight. Its pain, its blue, will make you grow.
Don't cheat her/him. Love needs two complete persons, not three or more. Love needs to be shared, but in a romance relationship, love is only for you and your lover.

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