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How Do You Handle Your Age?

Getting old must be felt to many people. Age becomes older every year and we cannot avoid the process. But, in fact people make many products to press the old effect. We think if the wrinkles, white hair and losing our ideal weight are the worst thing that we should be faced.

Suddenly we are going to twenty years old, we prepare our life, marriage, and finishing our education before joining the societies circle. Slowly, we ignore the age and getting busy to reach our wildest dream. When we arrive in the 30's zone, our mind becomes surprise, and the old life come to our eyes nearly.

In my opinion, becoming older should be followed by the growth of wisdom, keep humble, smarter and try to decrease our selfishness. Fulfil our 20-30's age with hardworking, loving our passion, and love ourselves deeply. Reading books, listening music, gathering with your boy/girlfriend, family and friends, travelling or visiting the workshop to maintain your capability are the best way to grow our maturity. Don't forget to smile :)

Getting old is natural, but make our soul and mind younger aren't impossible.

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Adi Pradana mengatakan…
I dont know how to handle my age, Let it flow... I just be my self. *Ihiiiir
Unknown mengatakan…
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