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Pinch Of Luck Myth

Coincidence, it often used in the phrase of love or success story. Some of people said if their love story happened because the 'coincidence'. We meet someone, feel the throb then conclude it as a love for the first sight. Without even thinking, we tell the other if our success thing is just a coincidence- for the humbility attitude.

Because the coincidence phenomenon, appear the phrase 'luck'. Last time, I sometimes assume with the negative side when knowing about another succesful things. One example, if someone could enter the best school, I assume he/she has a good luck because he/she comes from rich family. For the assumption, I underestimate many people. Whoaa, it is a bad attitude, isn't it?

Try to thinking more deeper. We bornt not just because we were lucky. We had  won the tight competition since we were not bornt. There were a million sperms which want to fertilize our mother ovary. Then, only one sperm that be the winner, and after that we were abiden as a cute baby.

We don't know how is the other people's hardworking. Maybe they save money everyday in order can buy an expensive dress, maybe their parents always work from dawn until night so they earn much money to give the best life for their children, or maybe they got the scholarship because studying hard, etc.

A pinch of luck is not a coincidence. It appears from hardworking, praying and the big effort. God has arranged the world include our life. We can't change our life's period but we can change our bad luck becoming better.  Dare to dream, believe it, make it happen. If we get a failure, don't give up, wake up once again and reach our highest goals.

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