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To celebrate Indonesia’s participation as the GUEST of HONOUR at Frankfurt Book Fair 14-18 October 2015, the BIGGEST book fair in the world that has been around for 500 years, let’s join us to READ Indonesian books and REVIEW your favorite ones!
We need to promote more Indonesian books to the world!
Here’s what you can do:
    1. READ Indonesian books. The book can be majorly published or self-published.
    2. Write a REVIEW of your favorite Indonesian books in ENGLISH. If you wrote it once in Indonesian, you can just translate it.
    3. You can POST it in our website. Put the title of the book, your book review plus mention your name, your twitter account and you website, below your review. Select #Reviews4Indonesia as the category, upload the book cover and click Submit Post. We will review your post before you can see it on #Reviews4Indonesia page.
    4. Or you can post your book review in your own blog. If you post it in your own blog, add this at the end of the post: “This book review is written to participate on #Reviews4Indonesia movement by & to support Indonesia as Frankfurt Book Fair’s Guest of Honour 2015″
    5. SHOWCASE the book by showing the book cover and taking a ‘bookfie’, a book selfie, with beautiful background. You can add a quote from the book in the picture.
    6. POST the picture of the book + your #Reviews4Indonesia link with hashtag #Reviews4Indonesia #fbm15 #fbf2015 and mention @nulisbuku @kutukutubuku on twitter to notify us
    7. If this is a self-published book, please use these hashtags #selfpub #Reviews4Indonesia #fbm15 #fbf2015
    8. SHARE and RETWEET other people’s #Reviews4Indonesia to help spread the words
We’re waiting for your participation from NOW to October 18, 2015!
We will pick best reviewer every week and they are going to win special gifts from &
Let’s contribute and show Indonesia’s greatest books to the world!

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