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How to be A Better Worker

Many articles say if we want to be a best worker in our company, we should give the best performance than our partner. But in facts, doing the best is difficult if we don't have positive thought. Before giving the best performance, we should learn how to endure our negative attitude or thought.
How to be a best worker with positive thought?

1. Learn how to communicate with boss and customer
The art of communication with our boss and customers is good capability to hear their complaints. As the human, we might be upset when other always complaining. Set your mind and open your ears as the bin. When our boss or customers, don't show the irritating face, hear their words, after their complaints finish, you can start to advice. You can ask,''I'm sorry if I can't make you satisfied, what is the best way to solve this problem so this problem won't never occur again,''

Their heart and mind feel relieved and you can study a new things from their wish. 

2. Troubles is challange, not the burden
Maybe the economic crisis will disturb the company foundation. Make the best result in our duty whatever the troubles come. Your leader will see you as the valuable person, not only an ordinary ones who hopes miracles come. When your boss force you to be the first one who come in the office, always ask the best report from you but he/she never complain to others, it 's indicating your boss want you become better. 

3. Let the rivals try, you fly high
Sometimes, there is rival whom wanting you suffer and want to get your position. Awareness to be a loyal worker and also just let it go the negative trial. You must watch out with the rival's nasty trap. Work as the best, but stay humble. If they still annoy until disturb your job, invite them to speak face to face. But, when the communication find the dead end, just tell to your leader and finish it wisely.
Stay positive. Give your best. 

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