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Hipocrite Lady

Why someone could lie even the world knew his or her nonsense words? Maybe because he or she is living in their imaginary world that doesn't allow other to intrude. Lie is a common disease for the hipocrite person. Many people should lie to protect their bad past, their stinky action or maybe to manipulate someone.

Well, when a woman decides to use hipocracy in her mouth, sometimes the playboy could be conquered. People said, There are three man's weakness, they are wealthy, position also woman. Woman who loves high position in society also wealthy, but she doesn't have any capability to reach her own goal could change to a greedy one. Woman manipulate man with the beauty then transform to be hipocrite lady.

Therefore, I learn many things, socialize with the inspirative people and always give the best effort to reach my dream in the good way. Writing, reading, working with my own skill. Yes, sometimes I say lie, but I don't want to manipulate somebody. Lie and truth are two reality. But how we use it in our life, for a good or bad purpose, depend on the impact for other. However, saying truth for the good sake is better than lie.

Hipocrite lady who stick to a man then made them as a slave is not appropriate to be called a good woman. There is a sing that mentioned 'Woman is the world poison,' Yea maybe cause of the hipocrite lady who use the beauty as a weapon. Beaut in face doesn't live forever, but the kindness does.

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