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Pursuing Dreams (Simple Happiness Day 3)

The simple happiness is having and fighting for dreams. Since I was a child, dreaming is the part of my breath. I am lucky because I have parents who always supporting my dreams. Although like the other parents who has one only daughter, sometimes they disagree with my step but after I give the logical reason, they will support me.

When I was 8 years old, I sell my own written book. I write by pencil on a paper than cutting it with scissors. The cover is colorful paper. My classmates really liked my stories. So that I have a dream one day I should publish my own book. In 2013 I did it true. Now, my writing passion grows to another space such as blogging also content writing.

Pursuing dream needs a lot of time, tiredness, pain also money. Even we feel under the limitation for instance in time or money, we should  afford as strong as we can. We could open the block because our spirit. After that, I have the next goals. They are getting Australian Master Degree scholarship, writing more books in multi genre, also building a language school mix with traditional culture lesson in my hometown.

I believe if I can make it.

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