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When I’m Sick, I won’t Be Angry (Simple Happiness Day 1)

It is a short note about my experience when my stomach acid increased suddenly yesterday. I just lied on my bed, alone because actually I should go to work but because that stomach acid, I couldn’t move my body. I felt so angry, disgrace and a litttle cry rolled out from my eyes. My head was full of idea, my leg wanted to go somewhere and my hands wanted to finish my project. But, when I’m sick, I couldn’t do anything.

One of my bestfriend called me. She said,”You should be patient. Your body and mind need to be relax. If you force it, you will broke it all,”

So now, when my stomach acid has gone, I sit and think. I read some articles too, and without even thinking, my thumb meets with one uniq article. About down syndrome girl who is struggling her dream to be a supermodel. It needs a long time and long patient between her and her mother to reach the goal.

Sometimes, she could be tired in the middle of dream fighting. The pain is not in her body, but her heart. Heart’s pain remains forever, but it becomes her dream’s gasoline. Struggling doesn’t mean working without relax.

I try to be calm. Receive my recent condition. Why we call today as ‘present’? Because present means gift. Maybe I was sick in order I can read my favorite books and forget the business for a while. I’m so selfish because forcing my body over limit.

Simple happiness is when I’m sick, I won’t be angry. This is God’s gift so I can mute my fast step, enjoying simple moments around me.

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