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Thank you for the lessons that I received from here. May the successful bless this place. One memorable thing that I learnt and always remember, when I decided to broke my relationship for a few years ago, I went to office with a full of tears :v LOL. Maybe some people asked me why I chose this option and why I kept silence.

In this post I will say,''I won't marry a guy who can share his heart and time easily with other girl. I won't marry a guy who doesn't know how to work hard and appreciating his girl.''

Then, some people asked me, Am I in relationship now? I say, no I'm still single. Closer to someone and falling love again, yes I did, but maybe he isn't the best so I chose to leave.

Some of my friends asked me again,''Do you still have a willing to give your ex back to your life??"

I said,''No, it's absolutely triple 'NO'!"

Once your couple cheat on you, it is very difficult to build the trust again. In my experience, my ex cheated on me first, then I gave the apology. In a rough months, I was like a zombie. Trying to build my trust and facing my fear of losing alone. Nobody could save me. Until we made a plan about marriage and our parents agreed, but once again I got a doubt. Unfortunately, my doubtness came true. My ex tried to play with  another girl and we had a big fight. So I decided to leave him.

Through many adventures, I found if 'shit person' doesn't deserve loyalty. I go to travel with new bestfriends, learning new ability, gaining many achievements and falling in love with another guy (even it failed again, but I didn't get hurted so much), and reach the new point. Now I decide to leave my safe zone.

Yes, some gossips reveal, bad comments occur because of my option to leave my 'comfort place'. But I think, everyone who works in one place always knowing good or bad moment. Just like a love relationship, if it's time to leave, so I leave. I leave with many hugs, warm shakehands, and a big honour. It was my college after I graduated as bachelor student.

Well, let's gone by gone. Hakuna Matata. :)

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