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Loving Yourself, It Is Not A Crime!

Maybe we often hear about this idiom,”Put other happiness first rather than giving priority to ourselves.” We were taught by our parents to consider other happiness and restrict the selfishness. Since we were a kid, young brother or sister would get more attention from our parents because they were bornt  in the last turn in the family tree. I think it is good for us to learn about controlling our ego, but sometimes because we are affraid to lose other’s loves, we will sacrifice ourselves more than we can bear.

In addition, when we are growing adult, we will experience about many kinds of feeling. Love, jealousy, lust, anger, hatred, vengeance also sadness. We cannot choose to be in cheerful mode every time. Human is created as the perfect shape in this world, but heart and brain are be able to decide people’s attitude.

Human being cannot live alone. Solitude is not an option but a condition that is possible we make without even thinking. Before the bad experience or moment come to our life, we will gaze the world with the pure mind. The one who pay attention to us, the one who enlighten our heart, or the one who save our day from the desolation has conquered our whole life. Loving is a powerful thing to change the good to bad but also contain the hidden poison when we aren’t smart to handle it in a proper way.

There is a time you should concern about what people said. Person often do the mistakes. Critics and advise are good teacher for us to be mature. In the other hand, badmouth person who never give you the developt statement and happiness rather than offering you trolls will push you corrosively. It is unfair if we just think about another but forget to keep mentally stable.

Loving ourselves means we realize what we want, what is the best for us, and choose to throw all of the matters which is weighing us. The people or circle which increase our negativity should be avoided. Leave  your lover when he or she lie is betraying you. Reach your dream although many people want you forget it, whatelse the comments that  is likely supporting but actually not. The most dangerous person is the one whom disguising the evil beneath the kind face.

So loving yourself, accept all of your flaws and dreams. Being kind but do not leave your logic too! It is not a crime, indeed!

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Izzatur Rahmaniyah mengatakan…
Couldn't agree more... Now I'm also trying to do that better :) But sometimes, it's harder than I expect...
Reffi Dhinar mengatakan…
@zaturania: although it's hard,we should try and try and keep believe in ourselves :)