In one fine day, I met with my Dad’s friend. Dad was having a small talk then  we went home. I did not recognize what was the two old friends spoke about, because I was busy to chat my bestfriend.  After a few days, my Dad told me,”Do you know, dear? My friend said if your face is too plain. He asked me about your occupation, and I answered that you work as a HR staff also Japanese interpreter. But he told me if it was the first time he met with a HR staff who didn’t use make up on her face. He suggested me to ask you for applying make up.”

Fortunately, I have supportive parents who never get upset with my outer appearance. Dad replied to his friend,”I think my daughter is good with her performance now. She combs her hair tidily, she wears a clean shirt, her face also fresh. When she was a undergraduate student, she was seldom to use face powder. So according to me, she is better now. She looks professional and great.”

Therefore, it is so funny how people nowadays still value someone from their red lips and the colourful eyelids. I just apply facepowder and lip gloss on my face, and a man who doesn’t know about my character can give a mark just because my plain face. When I go to a wedding ceremony or a party, many people will express their compliment,”How beautiful you are. You look prettier if you use the make up kit.” Or a loony comment like this,”Dear, I am very suprised. I think you are a tomboy girl who is ignoring the lipstick and mascara.” But the worst statement is,”You are a single girl. So put on your make up in order the man will attract to you. Girl is like a merchant, she should create a best wrapping to catch a man’s eyes.”

I hate people who often say that. Are women bornt as a mistake? We should be not fat, diet is a must. We can not be too thin, adding up our muscles and  fleshy body to have a curvy side, and many kinds of bully.

Everyone, men and women should take care their healthiness. We maintain our appearance and accustome the good behaviour. A woman can use the complete make up because they want, not for entertaining others. In the other hand, a lady who chooses to use sunscreen only, has their own beauty too. Woman is not a merchant. We are be able to work, studying new things, growing respect and reach many goals. Woman is a human who has brain and heart, not only created for beauty outside.