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Spread Your Journey With Travelblogid

Traveling is one of the important activity in our life. We work from Monday until Friday (some people should work until Saturday), sinking in the rush hour and getting exhausted with the same pattern every day just for earning money. You may save your money for the emergency fund or investment, but to spare your money in travel is a great expense too. Experience is a chance to grow your survival life skill.

However, people who are seldom to travel, sometimes confuse where to go. What is the best destination to wander? Therefore Travelblogid is created to help you. In this website, you can read many traveling reviews from avid travelers. 

The review is not only about the tourism place but also about culinary, art & culture, also tips & info. Although it is created basically in Indonesia, foreign people also can read the English reviews. Travelers who want to visit Indonesia can access Travelblogid in English to search for everything about the nation’s tourism place.

Why Travelblogid

Sharing your traveling experience on this website through article and videos will give you some benefits. Travelblogid provides rewards point feature for the published article or video. You can write in Indonesia or English. The website features are user-friendly. It is not difficult to write and post here. 

Start your post!

After you post, you need for a while until it is published. The article or video will be sorted in the pending section. Don’t forget to redeem your rewards point in the store feature and get many interesting products there.

Redeem your point with various gifts!

If you don’t have any experience in traveling and willing to start a new journey, you don’t need to search randomly in Google. Just visit this website and enjoying many honest journals from people worldwide. Especially if you want to visit the local place in Indonesia, Travelblogid will give you many pieces of knowledge from different category. You can choose what category that attracting you like art, culture, vacation, culinary, tips & info,  and so on.

Gathering Uniq Point Of View

This website shares many good impacts for us. We can divide it into three topics
  • First, you can train your travel writing skill and create your personal branding. You don’t need to make a blog, just sign up here then start your post. 

  • Second, a different writer will have different point of view even they come to the same place. Travelblogid gather them in one place and the reader can absorb uniq moment based on the true event. 

  • Third, when you start to share your article or video here, it means you support the tourism industry. Internet is the fastest solution to promote everything, so you have taken a part to spread a positive thing.

There are many ways to build your own personal brand in travel writing. Besides that, on this website, you can know many friendly travelers who sincerely share their journey. You don’t need to be an expert writer or video maker to join, just start from scratch.

Personally, I like to join because I can learn from many people and enjoy their stories. For example, I can read three articles from the different person about Mount Bromo. It is very fun. Isn’t it?
So what are you waiting now? Let’s start your trip and plan your content right now.

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