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Fun Experiences At My Kost

Hello readers, now i will tell you about my fabulous experiences in my kost. Almost 4 years I stay in a homy kost. As a university student, I should stay at the kost from Monday until Friday. Sometimes if I have a duty that make me can’t go home, I stay at the kost more than one week. Some people said,”It’s really hard to stay together the strangers, isn’t it?” as you know, that problem often occur if we stay together at a kost or dormitory.
At my kost, there are many students who come from another city or island. Thing which I like most is I can learn and hear many traditional language from the other region in Indonesia. My kost is fulfilled with the humble and friendly people. My classmates whom come to my kost often say whether my kost’ friends are very easy-going.
Because we have different character, habit and culture, sometimes a little fight can occur. But, it will be finished better. When I was still the youngest one in my kost, My senior were very kind to me and told me every important thing, especially how to stay together well. Now, I become the senior. My yuniors like to chat and ask me something a kind of favor such as about fashion, love or study. Because we are a young girl, sharing each other have became our needed.
Many new things that I learn in my kost. My friend whose make-up style is very good, teach me how to dress up and make my performance better. Actually, I have a man-like attitude, LOL, but after I got the free consultation now I can use make up, etc. According to them, I have a good sense to choose appropriate clothes or suitable with their character, so I give suggestion back to them.
I have many sisters here. But if I have succeed passing thesis examination, maybe I should go out from the kost and looking for a job in the other city. Living together will give us many lessons such as how to respect another, how to gain the good relationship, discussing many things that can open and enlarge our vision, and so on. 

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Honey mengatakan…
kayaknya seru banget :)
Reffi Dhinar mengatakan…
emang seru mbk, soalnya temen kos saya asyik2 :D