I became Maroon 5'fans since Junior High School. Maroon 5's big hits such as 'Harder to Breath', 'This Love', and 'Sunday Morning', not only introduced that awesome band famous. Adam Levine and friends, brought their song to the entire of world, touchy and had a meaningful impact to my life.

I confess if the frontmant is a cool guy, but I love Maroon 5's song because the lyric and wonderful rythm.

When I'm falling in love or get crush, I turn on the MP3 playlist and choose 'Daylight'. I got betrayed, so I choose 'Wake Up Call' to my playlist. Now, I listen the newest song from this band. Give a warn for the player with 'Hands All Over", etc.

"Obsessed depressed in the same time"
"It's not over tonight, just give me one more chance to make you right,"
And the other beautiful lyric that represented almost my heart's story.