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Beware From ‘The Victim Wannabe’ People

We are bornt as the social creature, no matter we are introvert or how much we avoid to be distracted from the world. Human always need other to make their life colourful also meaningful. But, in fact, life will not run smoothly. Sometimes we will find the obstacles then maybe some people make us upset and feeling miserable. Lost track, leaving behind, guilty are the normal feelings may occur. In one case, we may be a victim but in anoher case that I have found is there are some people whom showing off their suffer to obtain another simpathy for their own sake.

I call the people who take advantage from another sympathy as ‘the victim wannabe’ people. It is normal to use mask to hide our truth, but according to me it is bad if we use it to reap many benefits without thinking the side effect. Who is ‘the victim wannabe’? I describe it below based on my own experience.

1.     They will praise us often, then asking for many things
We like to be loved and admired. This kind of ‘the victim wannabe’ people will praise for our achievement although it is not a huge success. Slowly, they look as our supporter. Then, they start to ask our help, pretending they cannot do it alone and we will feel guilty if we want to refuse their asking. They place themselves as the one who need help in every single time.

2.     They are blamer
Maybe we have heard those kind of complaint from the victim wannabe person,”I was dumped because her/him. She is liar.” And “I fail because my parents never allow me to do this task. I lost of my concentration to finish it properly.” Complaint is not wrong, but it becomes a problem if they invite us to hate the people who they blame. They repeat it continuously. When we have the missunderstanding with this kind of people, they will reject to talk wisely then we will become the next wrong person. They will blame us and shouting to the crowd that we cause troubles.

3.     Hothead and selfish
The difficult thing is the victim wannabe will never recognize that they are annoying. They think as the good one and force another to receive their opinion. Hothead and selfish.

So if you meet or knowing the three characters of the victim wannabe, please beware! It is better not to stay close. You can give advise but because of their hothead character maybe it will not be easy. Don’t be too kind and too permissive. We can make a friend without thinking who they are, but we should know who can treat us as a good friend sincerely.

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Fanny f nila mengatakan…
Ini mah, 3 sifat di atas, sekali aku ketemuin, bakal aku jauhin saat itu jg. Males deket ama org yg dikit2 nyalahin org, ngerasa paling sial sedunia, ngeluh, egois :D. Bhay sama org yg begini :D
Reffi Dhinar mengatakan…
iya dan racun banget mbak :D
Nona Nurul mengatakan…
Never heard of that term, i'm more familiar with playing victim, hehe
Reffi Dhinar mengatakan…
yes, it is the term that made by me hehe