3 Benefits to Play Games for Kids

3 Benefits to Play Games for Kids

What is the benefit to play games for kids? As I remember, my parents were angry when I and my brother played video games for hours. They said if we need to study and finish our homework. Playing video games is more fun than sitting on my chair to study. I admit it, but in fact, this activity also has many benefits.

Technology has rapid improvement including video games. Now, we can play it not only on a PlayStation or game console. We can play it on our smartphone and PC. The variety of games also challenge our brain. So we can get many advantages.

The benefit to play games for kids

Here are some good points about playing a video game.

1# It can improve manual agility

When we use the controller in playing a video game, it will improve manual agility. A study involving some surgeons and researchers found that the video gamers who often use controllers could be faster at performing advanced procedures as a surgeon. 

3 Benefits to Play Games for Kids
Source: https://indivisiblegame.com/ 

Some special video games also can be used as physical therapy for stroke victims to regain control of their hands movement or their wrists.

2# Game is a workout for the brain

Gaming can help kids and adults to have a mind workout disguised as fun. Some research has shown that playing games regularly may boost grey matter in the human’s brain and support brain connectivity.

3 Benefits to Play Games for Kids wordholic.com

Many game platforms are good for kids to learn like at Plays.org. When I visit this site, I find many kinds of interesting games. I don’t need to instal an app on my PC or my smartphone. We can play it online on the site. It has a wide range of games. Kids can play how to cook Pizza, brain games with cute cakes, solve the strategy to beat the enemies, and so on. 

3# Games can teach kids how to solve the problem

Plays.org also has mission-based and multi-level games are like matching colour, adventure, or arranging the blocks that take time to solve. The solutions are based on our actions in the game. 

3 Benefits to Play Games for Kids wordholic.com

3 Benefits to Play Games for Kids wordholic.com

Kids who love to play this kind of game will train their brains to understand the instruction also the pattern. Perhaps they still can’t read the game manual, but after we help them to understand the pattern and when they start to immerse in the game, their mind will start to work. Playing strategy-based games shows an improvement in problem-solving. 

4# Make a great bonding between parents and kids

It’s better if parents also know how to play games with their kids. Block a time to play together what else it’s safer to stay at home in the middle of a pandemic. Show enthusiasm as a gamer with kids and create quality time to strengthen the bonding.

3 Benefits to Play Games for Kids wordholic.com

Kids will feel appreciated and loved at the same time. Playing games together is a fun activity for parenting time.

A good site to play games

I have mentioned that we can play games on Plays.org. Just open your laptop or PC then connect it to the internet, search for the games which you want to play with your kids.

This site has a great design with colourful images. It’s kids friendly. If you are a newcomer to this site, you can look for the game based on its category. There are plenty of attractive games. For instance Cartoon Games, Simulation Games, Arcade Classing, Shoot Games, etc. You can look at the newest games or the most popular games which got good ratings for the user.

I tried two cool games and it was training my mind as an adult. The first game that I played was Sweet Memory. I love cakes and chocolates so I chose that game. Every game has instructions. 

3 Benefits to Play Games for Kids wordholic.com

3 Benefits to Play Games for Kids wordholic.com

After I read the instructions, I saw this image. I clicked 6 pieces and started to play the game. There were 6 cakes and they popped up so fast on the screen. Then the task was matching the same cakes. It challenged me so hard when I achieved the next stage.

3 Benefits to Play Games for Kids wordholic.com

3 Benefits to Play Games for Kids wordholic.com

The second game which I played was Make a Pizza. It was easier because it was designed for young children. I love Pizza so I tried this game too.

Start to choose the Piza ingredients and then pour them on the Pizza crust. Cook it. Young children can learn the name of ingredients and simulating how Pizza is made before they eat it.

Plays.org offers a thousand and more games divided by categories. I think this site has complete games to play and it occupies the level from young children and the older kid. I, as an adult, also love the games. 

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