How to Entertain Yourself During The Pandemic

I am an extrovert. So when the pandemic came in early 2020 in my country, Indonesia, I should cancel my trip to Ho Chi Minh City. It was a challenging time and also testing myself. Suddenly I could not go anywhere and at that time I was starting my writing class business. I couldn’t imagine the next journey of my future.


Mental health awareness during the pandemic

When the pandemic hit my country and finally I was infected in July 2021, I experienced more mental health challenges. What is another bad impact of the pandemic on our mental health?


Anxiety increasing

This was what I felt during my self-isolation moment. I was infected, but I only had mild symptoms so I didn’t need to go to a hospital. However, anxiety increased sharply and it could cause depression if I couldn't handle it well.


I love to meet and hang out with my closest friend, as an ENFP, that activity is my fuel. No wonder other people might feel the same as I was. When they should do the lockdown, self-isolation, or take care in a hospital, the mental health challenge would be so hard.


Suicidal thought or self-harm

After reading some articles or news that was about the business bankruptcy, I think about people who lost their job after the pandemic stroke in their hometown. If we were sink in the suffering and focus on the loss, suicidal thought could occur.


I never thought about it, but I worried about the other people who suffered than me. The depression could lead someone to do self-harm too. We need an anchor to hold and avoid this kind of thought.


Tips to entertain yourself during the pandemic

How could I solve my mental health problem during my self-isolation days? Here is some activities that I did.


  • Painting by numbers: I bought some painting by numbers kit then start colouring.
  • Singing: I installed karaoke app on my smartphone then recorded my voice.
  • Playing games: I played some cool games on my laptop.


There are so many cool game’s websites that allow us to play online. We don’t need to instal it and the interface and UX design are clean and easy to be played. One of the best online game’s website is


I’m reminded of some legendary games on PC when I was still a teenager. Yeah, you can play Solitaire, mahjong, card games and so on. Let’s dive into the website to know more.


1# It has an eye-catching design

I love the homepage design of The logo combines the solitaire’s colour theme. When you click the link, you will find the solitaire cards on the screen. It isn’t difficult to play because the rules are the same as the classic solitaires on PC.


Then, there are some game categories which is familiar to us. Did you like Tetris? There is Tetris games in Logic Puzzles category and choose Tetra Blocks. The colour and the UX design is great.


2# Fun games to entertain us

These are some games that I played on Choose yours!


Classic Solitaire

Playing Solitaire was my way to entertain myself in the middle of a Computer lesson at school. You don’t need to instal it on your PC. Just play it using your keyboard or mouse.


If you are a beginner or have never play the game, you can read the game’s instruction under the Solitaire card’s screen. Scroll down a little bit then read the manual carefully.

Its colour is sharp and eye-catching. I love the design that isn’t different from the classic version with better graphic.


Tetra Blocks

Kids were loving video games. Had you played Tetris using game bot? 90’s kids loved game bot and we demanded our parents to buy.


Now, you can play similar games called Tetra Blocks on The method is the same as classic Tetris on game bot. You should change the blocks to match and build the bricks. Tetra Blocks has unique background music. Your eyes will be spoiled with the graphic.


Read the instruction if you are confused about how to change the block’s shape by using your PC keyboard.


Candy Fiesta

The game that makes me addicted is Candy Fiesta. We should match 3 candies with the same shape and colour to get the point. Maybe you have played it on your smartphone, but you don’t need to download any game on your PC and play it when you are tired with work or study.


I got more than 6000 points before the game was over. Choose the best move to gain points as much as possible.



Now you have some options to entertain yourself during a pandemic. Which game will you try on Share your experience on the comment box below!



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